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Music For YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Ads.

🎉 Hello and Welcome. 🎉

My name is Denis Pavlov, known as DPmusic. I compose and produce music for commercials, films, trailers, podcasts, vlogs, YouTube, promos and all sorts of Media. 

▶︎ Main genres are: pop, folk, acoustic, trailer music, orchestral, cinematic, electronic, ambient, piano, new age, jazz, ambient and more.

🎵 My music portfolio consist of contemporary tracks for all visual content which was widely used among top advertising agencies as well as small and big business firms. 🎶 My musical works are heard on popular television cable stations and radio commercials.

✅ 🎧 Here you can listen, license and download my music: ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️