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Download Free Music For YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Ads.

Hello and Welcome. 

My name is Denis Pavlov, known as DPmusic. I compose and produce music for commercials, films, trailers, podcasts, vlogs, YouTube, promos and all sorts of Media. 

My main genres are: pop, folk, acoustic, trailer music, orchestral, cinematic, electronic, ambient, piano, new age, jazz, ambient and more.

My music portfolio consist of contemporary tracks for all visual content which was widely used among top advertising agencies as well as small and big business firms. My musical works are heard on popular television cable stations and radio commercials.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, where I upload new music daily.

Feel free to use my music in your YouTube Videos. You may probably receive a copyright notice, but that’s ok. There’s nothing to worry about. Your videos won’t be deleted or banned. This is just a notice that author/composer is allowing to use his music in your videos. The only thing you won’t be able to do is YouTube monetization. If you want to monetize your video with my music, you need to obtain the license here

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